Passed Over For A Promotion? It's Time To Hire A Career Coach

When you're not awarded a promotion at work that you wanted and that you felt you deserved, it's easy to feel rejected and decide to sulk. Doing so, however, won't be in the best interest of your career progression. Instead, it's better to seek the services of a career coach, who will be a trusted professional to help you during this difficult time. This is the ideal opportunity to assess the weaknesses that you may possess at work, and then work on developing these through a series of coaching sessions. Here are some specific things that you may wish to work on.

Being Proactive

Employers love employees who are proactive, and will often seek out these individuals when it comes time to promote people in the company. It's possible that you're not overly proactive, and this could harm your ability to move up. Being proactive means that you're constantly thinking a few steps ahead of the present. Instead of reacting to changing situations, you're anticipating that they may arrive in the first place—and you can then make changes to avoid pitfalls, or be prepared to expertly navigate them when they do arise. Your executive coach will teach you tips and tricks on how to enhance this ability.

Being a Team Player

Those who aren't seen by management as team players will often not get promoted, given that they lack the attitude that is required to lead people. Try to honestly assess whether or not you're a team player. If you've ever withheld information from a colleague, tattled on someone to a manager, or attempted to get more credit than you deserve for a project that several people worked on, you're likely not as team oriented as you need to be to move up at your company.

Being Able to Take Chances

Many employees endeavor to play it safe at work, and while doing so might be satisfactory for staying employed, it won't necessarily lead to moving up. Taking chances, provided that they're calculated and won't harm the company, can definitely get you noticed. Sometimes, you may have effective ideas but be nervous about bringing them up. This can especially be the case if an idea may initially seem unorthodox, even if it's a quality idea. Your career coach is the right person to help you to move through these feelings of uncertainty and take chances at work that will get you noticed.

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