Tips For Safely Dealing With An Agitated Drug Addict

If you have someone in your life who has a drug problem, there may be points at which this person is highly agitated and acting in an unpredictable manner. For you, this can be a highly disturbing situation that may even make you feel scared for your safety. A number of illegal drugs can cause the user to act in an agitated, irrational manner; this list includes cocaine, meth, and hallucinogens. If you find yourself in this difficult situation, it's important to know how to proceed. Here are some tips for dealing with the problem:

Protect Anyone Who Is Vulnerable

A top priority as you deal with the situation is to protect those who are vulnerable. If you care for the addict, you probably want to ensure that you can protect him or her, too, but your top priority should be to focus on those who especially need your protection. For example, if your spouse is agitated as a result of drug use and you have children in the home, you need to get your children to a safe place right away. Having them go over to a trusted neighbor's house or arranging for a family member to come pick them up is important.

Call The Police If Necessary

Calling the authorities on an agitated drug addict can be difficult if the person is a family member or friend. While you don't necessarily need to involve the authorities, you shouldn't hesitate to do so if you feel that there's a need. For example, if the person is acting in a threatening manner to you, physically damaging your property, or you believe that the person's health is in immediate peril, you should react by calling 911, which will dispatch police and paramedics to your location.

Don't Try Reasoning Right Now

An agitated episode can be proof that the person has a drug problem and requires treatment, but you probably won't get too far trying to convince the person to accept help while he or she is agitated. While you might be eager to help, it's better to avoid trying to reason with the person while they are in this state. Rational conversation is difficult or impossible with someone who is highly agitated, and you may make the situation worse by suggesting treatment; it's better to wait until the person's behavior has returned to some semblance of normalcy before you attempt to discuss treatment.

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