Did You Grow Up in Extreme Poverty as a Child? 3 Signs You Could Benefit from Trauma Therapy as an Adult

Many families struggle financially to make ends meet, yet those in extreme poverty may have trouble even putting enough food on the table. Unfortunately, poverty conditions put families under extreme stress, and you may have also dealt with things such as having an ill family member that often accompany financial struggles. For children, experiences such as watching the adults worry about bills can be traumatizing. You may have also experienced traumatic events such as having to move rapidly or living in an unsafe neighborhood. Now that you are an adult, you may feel like you have overcome a lot. Yet, the effects of trauma during childhood can linger. Watch for these three signs that going to trauma therapy could help you overcome the negative emotional effects of growing up in poverty.

You Overspend or Underspend Money

Money struggles are fairly common among people who have grown up in low-income households. In some cases, you may be so afraid of being poor again that you scrimp and save every penny. While saving money is always good, this could be a problem if it means that you go without buying things that you actually need. For instance, you shouldn't feel guilty about buying new shoes or clothing for work. Overspending is also another sign that you may be dealing with childhood trauma, especially if you feel the need to buy everything you can while you have the money to do so.

You Hoard Objects or Food

After living in poverty, you may have an extreme fear of having to go without the things that you need again. For instance, waking up to a bare pantry or refrigerator as a child may have caused you to start keeping yours overstocked as an adult. You may also fear throwing out old or broken objects such as appliances that you might need again even though it is unlikely. In severe cases, you may hoard things that other people would consider to be garbage. If so, then trauma therapy services can help you to identify the reasons why you engage in this behavior so that you can learn to let things go.

You Struggle with Low Self-Esteem

Children who grow up in lower income households than their peers sometimes feel as though they will never be good enough to fit in. As an adult, you may notice this lingering effect as low self-esteem that may cause you to feel awkward in social situations. You may avoid going to events where you might be forced to mingle with people who have higher income levels. You may also be afraid to apply for a job that you think is out of your league. Learning to work through this issue in trauma therapy helps you to develop a stronger sense of self-worth that makes it possible to succeed in everything you do.

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