Plagued By Feelings Of Inadequacy? 4 Ways A Counselor Can Help You Stop Hating On Yourself

When watching the "perfect" people on social media or reading about the newest crop of self-made, billionaire entrepreneurs, it's easy for anyone to feel a little inadequate; however, when you're living with truly low self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy completely hold you back in all areas of life. A professional counseling service can help to change all that, though, in a number of healthy and helpful ways. 

1. A Counselor Helps Uncover Why Your Self-Esteem Is So Low

Whether you were talked down to as a kid or endured an even more difficult upbringing, something in your past has shaped your present-day feelings. Through therapy, you will discover and address these events that now plague you, eventually lifting their burdens off you and allowing you to like yourself, as you should.

2. They'll Work With You On Improving Relationships

Success in life is often measured by the quality of personal relationships, but those tend to suffer greatly for people with low self-esteem. You may be stuck in a toxic relationship, where someone puts you down, thereby affirming your beliefs of unworthiness. You may avoid relationships in general, due to the anxiety and/or depression associated with your general feelings of inadequacy. 

No matter what led you to the life you're living now, it can all change. Once you realize more of your own self-worth, you'll start insisting on relationships that are more worthy. A cognitive-behavioral therapy group, for example, provides you with opportunities to feel included, important and productive in a group setting, boosting your confidence and showing you how successful you can truly be with interactions.

3. Therapy Will Change Your Self-Perception

Therapists don't have a one-size-fits-all formula to help people; rather, they usually take a more individualized approach. Integrative therapy combines different psychotherapy techniques, addressing the person, their life experiences, and other factors, with the hope of reaching and teaching in dynamic and positive ways.

You may be dealing with some form of trauma that prevents you from participating in relationships or a phobia that stands in the way of your success, but whatever your inner struggles, your entire self-perception should change with counseling. Once you begin to think of yourself differently, to see yourself as worthy and able, your true potential begins to emerge.

4. You'll Set Goals That Can Change The Course Of Your Life

When you feel inadequate, you have a very "can't do" attitude about life and that holds you back. You may not be going after a new job or promotion, leaving you stuck wherever you are right now. Rather than imagining how much better your life could be or kicking yourself for how it is now, you can set goals that can really change it for the better. You need to set realistic goals at your own pace. Counseling can prepare you to take the first steps needed to change the rest of your life.

Don't let low self-esteem be your permanent destiny, find out how counseling can help you transform yourself from the inside out, instead. Find a counseling service near you.

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