Addiction While Pregnant: Wht Pregnant Mental Health Matters

Being pregnant with an addiction can be a serious matter. The biggest reason is that what goes into your body while pregnant also exposes the growing fetus within you. As such, you need to ensure your own mental and physical health so you can have a healthy pregnancy for yourself. Doing so will then lead to a healthier pregnancy for your unborn child.

Luckily, there are available addiction resources that help pregnant women as they undergo not just being pregnant and growing a baby, but dealing with their addictions, withdrawals, and mental health as well. Your mental health matters and will be given discreet care. Here are reasons why, if you're pregnant and have an addiction — be it prescription medications, tobacco, alcohol, or other substances — you need to get assistance now.

You need to stay mentally well so you can be physically well

Mental and physical health go hand in hand, and if you are mentally struggling, you will be physically struggling as well. What makes this even more concerning when you're pregnant is the fact that you're more physically and mentally stressed just via pregnancy alone. Add addiction to this, and you can easily become overwhelmed, which is not good for you or your unborn child. Consider getting professional pregnant mental health services so you and your unborn baby can thrive.

You need to have a better chance of keeping away from addiction throughout your pregnancy

Being pregnant means you are going through physical, emotional, financial, and medical changes to your body and life. As such, turning to your addiction can be more tempting than ever before. Dealing with pregnant addiction requires a professional intervention so you can safely manage your physical and mental cravings and keep you and your baby safe. If you can manage and monitor your addiction safely while you're pregnant, you may have a more successful time staying away from addiction after your baby is born.

You need to keep addiction at bay for the health of your baby

The longer you go down a path of addiction while pregnant, the more likely your baby may present birth defects or other traumas related to your addiction once they're born. If you want your baby to be healthy and if you want to be able to have as little intervention in your life after your baby's born as possible, manage your addictions by taking care of your pregnant mental health now. Your counselor will be both discreet and understanding of your situation while they give you care. 

For more information, contact a pregnancy addiction service. 

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