Couples Sex Counseling: How It Can Improve Your Relationship For The Better

When it comes to problems in the bedroom, couples often feel embarrassed about asking for help due to the sensitive nature of the issue. However, failing to seek counseling for sexual problems can cause couples to grow apart or even cause the relationship to end. Seeing a sex counselor is nothing to feel ashamed of and will be a confidential experience that involves only you, your partner, and your counselor.

Libido differences

One of the most common problems couples seek sex counseling for is a varying degree of libido. When one partner wants sex more often than the other, it can lead to conflict and erode the relationship, because one partner feels like their needs are not being met. This can lead to anger and frustration.

Libido can differ for many reasons, and your sex counselor will help you be aware of life changes that may affect libido. These changes may be hormonal or occur because one partner is tired due to work pressures, has health issues, or is under stress. A sex counselor will help couples uncover the cause of libido issues and find a solution that keeps both partners satisfied.

Failure to achieve orgasm

Failure to achieve orgasm can be frustrating for both partners. When one partner is unable to reach orgasm during sex, it often makes the other person feel as if they are not able to meet their partner's needs. Orgasmic dysfunction may be related to the use of certain medications, health conditions, past sexual abuse, old age, or stress.

 A sex counselor can recommend techniques to enhance stimulation and increase the occurrence of orgasm. Underlying health conditions may be addressed, and further counseling recommended for anyone who suffered past sexual abuse.

Enhance a sexual relationship

If you already have a satisfying sex life, you may still benefit from seeing a sex counselor. A sex counselor can suggest techniques for keeping your sexual relationship fresh and exciting. Just discussing your sex life together can be a strong aphrodisiac for some couples.

Sexual problems can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender, and should never be a cause for embarrassment. Overcoming sexual issues by working with a sex counselor can resolve common sexual issues and bring couples closer together. Even couples with a good sex life can benefit from counseling to keep the sexual side of their relationship healthy and thriving, which makes sex counseling a win-win solution for every couple.

For more information, contact a local counseling office, like Covenant Sex Therapy.

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